Community Pop Up Shop Is Now OPEN 09:30-12 Mon-Sat AND 5:30 to 7pm Weds to Friday

With the Covid19 Lockdown3 happening to help the local community access essential easier, the Blymhill and Weston under Lizard Parish Council with the help of the Blymhill and Weston Village Hall, is open a Community Pop Up Shop in the Village Hall is open 09:30-12 Mon-Sat.

Any Volunteers please contact the Parish Clerk through the contact section of this Website.

Staffordshire County Council Launch of a new easy-to-use ‘Community Health and Wellbeing App Finder’

“During the current ongoing coronavirus outbreak, we are all adapting to new ways of delivering health and wellbeing guidance and care support to our at-risk residents in our communities.  Health apps is one way to help older residents or those with long-term conditions to manage their health at home, but there are literally thousands to choose from and not all apps can be trusted to offer up to date advice.  To help our most vulnerable manage their health with the most trusted health related apps that meet specific needs, Staffordshire County Council is now offering free access to a super easy-to-use.” You can access and browse the Staffordshire Health App Finder library now at