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Blymhill and Weston under Lizard Parish Council Planning objections

On behalf of the Blymhill and Weston under Lizard Parish Council the following Objection to Application 24/00297/FUL was submitted to the South Staffordshire District Council.


The Blymhill and Weston under Lizard Parish Council strongly objects to the Application 24/00297/FUL on Planning issues and many inconsistencies raised in the application itself and the effect it would and could have in the locality. It is also aware that the residents of the area are also extremely against the application.


The reasons for this objection are:

1 Inaccurate statements of use for the facility in the Application 24/00297/FUL

2 Process used could give off fumes

3 Fire risk and therefore smoke and fumes

4 Transport Access confused and inadequate

5 No Toilet Facilities for proposed staff – from Application

6 No Waste storage and disposal plans – from Application

7 Local usage of area not recognized and would be unsightly

8 Items being contrary to Council’s Policies

9 Change of use from an Agricultural Storage Facility to an Industrial Machine/ Chemical Facility

10 Ecology and Biodiversity




1)      The Application states Proposed change of use and conversion of agricultural building to bicycle inner tube repurposing facility (Use Class E(g)(iii)). Then in the Planning Statement on the portal in 1.13 it covers the processing of Inner tubes, but in 1.14 it goes on to deal with Tyres.

In their Application form, where it asks if there are to be any Industrial or Chemical

Processes and Machinery, they have answered – No but as in point 2 it is stated the Pyrolysis

Process and therefore related machinery is to be used.


2)      The Parish Council asked Bradford Estates in emails dated 23.05.2024 and 30.05.2024


On  Thursday, 30 May 2024 at 19:31 Eliza Newport’s email response

I promise I will come back to you by EOD tomorrow, just checking exactly the operations in the facility so I get it right!


The following response:

From: en@bradford-estates.co.uk
To: phil.delaloye@googlemail.comsf@bradford-estates.co.ukdoug.mccowan@btinternet.com
Cc: alex.bruce@berrys.uk.comstuart.thomas@berrys.uk.com
Sent: Friday, May 31st 2024, 18:53

Subject: Re: Planning application 24-00297-FUL for the Change of use and building of the building to house the Inner tube recycling company

Dear Philip,

As promised please see answers to your questions below:

  1. What processes were to be used on site for the recycling of the Inner tubes and would that include Pyrolysis?

This site would be used for storage of materials awaiting reprocessing, a processing plant, and storage of processed materials awaiting shipment to customers.

It does include pyrolysis, the company use pyrolysis as it offers a far more sustainable option than traditional methods of converting tyres into usable products, part of which is used circularly in the process thereby generating significantly lower carbon emissions than utilising fossil fuels. This ensures that there will be no fumes etc. emitted to impact on any nearby residents.

Both emails are available on request.

Research then came up with what Pyrolysis is in relation to Tyres –

Made from synthetic and natural rubbers, tires contain a high amount of sulphur and styrene, which can cause toxic emissions and negatively affect the environmental sustainability of pyrolysis

Pyrolysis, refers to any technology that decomposes EOL tyres or similar rubber products in a closed system using heat and no oxygen or air

3)      Storage would be of Rubber Inner Tubes and Tyres, that if caught fire would result in fumes and smoke – There does not seem to be any Fire or Safety procedures taken into account for this in any documents – note Heat is used in the Pyrolysis process that Bradford Estates state will be used. It should be taken into account that this could be a high fire risk site due to the rubber etc. and would need Fire Service reports. There also does not seem to be any statement about the amount of tyres or inner tubes to be stored on the site or how they will be stored prior to processing and then after processing. This again is a Fire Hazard and also would be seen from the road. One very young resident of Weston under Lizard who lives close to the Cricket Pitch suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and their parents are exceedingly worried about any fumes etc because of this.


4)      Transport Access – the access to the site is a track and not an asphalt lane where just before the entrance there are 2 dwellings. The Application says there will be parking for 4 cars. In the Transport Report it shows how an 18 Ton Rigid Vehicle would turn around in the area.

The Parish Council asked Bradford Estates in emails dated 23.05.2024 and 30.05.2024   

What level of vehicle numbers would be involved in transporting to and from the proposed site? 

It is anticipated that the site will generate a maximum of 12 two-way trips across a typical  

               day, with no more than two trips in any one-hour period.

–          The Transport plan indicates this could be 18T Rigid Vehicles. The track access could not cope with that. It also does not detail what the trips would be for.

–          There needs to be consideration for Emergency Services vehicle access in case of fire or other emergency.

–          In point 6 re Waste, again vehicles would be required to remove any waste and whether those trips have been included in the supposed number of daily trips.

–          If the track to the site gets broken up especially in wet and Icy conditions, once dried and wet, the vehicle movements to and from site could displace road matter on to Beighterton lane itself raising traffic accident risks.


5)      Facilities for the employees that are mentioned do not seem to have been accounted for, as no plans for Toilet facilities or rest/ catering facilities away from the Process plant in the application. If these are put in where and how would placed and where would the waste be removed to, as presently no sewage or drainage seemingly there? Also presently no cleaning facilities hot and cold water which would be need for hygiene purposes as well as needed to keep area clean and safe.


6)      From the nature of the business there would be waste from the Innertubes and Old Tyres. Following the processing there would be some waste, of which there may be contaminated liquids or solid waste. The Application though states no waste Storage and no Collection of recyclable waste and no need of disposal of trade effluents or trade waste.


7)      Cricket Pavilion is just 50 yards from the proposed site without any screening – Dog walkers also regularly walk in that area as local children playing there. The present building is fully open to view from the Cricket pitch and the road. The proposed facility and any storage would also be in full view. The Bradford Estates planting plan to screen the area could take many years of growth to hide the facility.


8)      The Application also seems to be going against a number of the Council’s own policies – Requirements going against Policy

–          Strategic Objective No. 4 of the Council’s Environmental Quality Strategy (“To protect, conserve and enhance the countryside, character and quality of the landscape and the diversity of wildlife and habitats”) as set out in the Core Development Plan adopted 11/12/2012

–          Strategic Objective No. 5 (“To protect, conserve and enhance the historic environment and heritage assets and ensure that the character and appearance of the District’s Conservation Areas is sustained and enhanced through management plans and high-quality design”). As there has been a conservation area by this facility that the builders and residents of the adjacent Housing had to work with.

–          Policy EV6: Re-use of redundant rural buildings – the extent of the upgrade work required to put this building in a useable condition (new black/dark grey cladding and roller shutter doors) would completely change the character, appearance, significance, general setting and immediate surroundings of this very old former agricultural building which has sat idle for many, many years


9)      This proposed industrial facility flies in the face of the Greenbelt area and against seemingly Bradford Estates own 100 year plan and their stated objective of being “a responsible steward that promotes the use of sustainable practices to look after its estates and the people that live on it” and “truly make the way of life better” as well as the Strategic Objective No. 4 of the Council’s Environmental Quality Strategy.

–          There is also concern as to whether the building, foundations and flooring would be suitable for the equipment required and the effect on the surrounding area that is on as there does not seem to have been a full structural survey carried out.


10)   Ecology and Biodiversity

–          There will be a tremendous effect on the local flora and fauna with the build of the facility and the installation of the Machinery and heating equipment for the processes involved, which the applicant does not seem to be bothered with.

–          With the waste and byproducts from the process, and the actual original materials used, any leaks or issues could have a tremendous impact on the natural environment for some distance around the facility.

–          Many of the substances to be stored would be lethal if eaten by any of the local animals, rodents, birds, badgers, foxes, and mink as well as the local cat and dog population.

In conclusion the Parish Council object strongly to the proposed facility for the above reasons many individually against the proposal but especially when all put together.

Philip Delaloye

Parish Clerk

Blymhill and Weston under Lizard Parish Council

Parish Councillor required






Following the resignation of a Parish Councillor for personal reasons, there is a vacancy for a Parish Councillor for the Blymhill Ward. The vacancy will be filled by co-option at a meeting of the Parish Council to be held on 22nd May 2024.


Any person wishing to be considered for co-option to the said vacancy should send a written application by post or email to the Clerk of the Council giving brief biographical details and qualifications to the undersigned to arrive not later than 15th May 2024.




Philip Delaloye

Clerk of the Council


Address :       1 Bridgeman Court

Weston under Lizard

Nr Shifnal


TF11 8QH


Or email phil.delaloye@googlemail.com


Dated :          01.04.2024

Proposed: Variation of condition 3 to planning reference 24/00020/COU.

PC Clerk To Blymhill And Weston-under-Lizard PC

5 June 2024

01902 696000



Dear Sir/Madam

Application Number: 24/00345/VAR


Proposed: Variation of condition 3 to planning reference 24/00020/COU. To

increase the maximum number of dogs from 30 to 60 at the day care at any one time. Submission of Recording Survey for Condition 5.

At: Upper Brockhurst Farm Brockhurst Road Blymhill SHIFNAL TF11 8NE

The description has changed for the above development.

These can be viewed at http://www.sstaffs.gov.uk/PublicAccess. You can comment on the proposal via ConsulteeAccess (if you have registered) alternatively you can make comments via planning@sstaffs.gov.uk. As a result of the Freedom of Information Act, the Council now follow and “open file” policy, which means that the file and all of its papers and any letters are open for inspection by anyone, including the applicant and his/her agent, and copies can be taken at any time. Any comments must be made in writing and should reach me by 19 June 2024.

As/If this is a householder application, in the event of an appeal against a refusal of planning permission, which is to be dealt with on the basis of representations in writing, any representations made about this application will be sent to the Secretary of State, and there will be

no further opportunity to comment at appeal stage.

Yours faithfully

Laura Moon

Development Management Team


South Staffordshire Council . Council Offices . Codsall . South Staffordshire . WV8 1PX

Tel: (01902) 696000 . planning@sstaffs.gov.uk. . www.sstaffs.gov.uk

Road Closures Week Commencing 24.06.2024





Various Streets in South Staffordshire


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Staffordshire County Council, being the highway authority responsible for the repair and maintenance of the highway as listed in the schedule of streets below are satisfied that it is necessary to close to all vehicular and cycle traffic in those streets for a period of 5 days (but no more than 5 days) from 24th June 2024.


Access will be available for pedestrians, those vehicles being used or in conjunction with the works and for emergency services vehicles. Vehicular access to properties on the length of roads listed will be maintained when safe to do so. An alternative route for traffic is available as signed on site.




Schedule of roads in Staffordshire to which this Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice applies:

Blymhill Road, Blymhill

Road From Great Chatwell To Blymhill Marsh, Brineton

Springhill Lane, Lower Penn

Keepers Lane, Codsall

Stafford Lane, Codsall

Morfe Hall Lane, Enville

Camp Hill Road, Enville




John Tradewell Director of Corporate Services …

10th June 2024

Tel: 0300 111 8000



Mill Lane Weston under Lizard – Road Closure Week of 01.09.2024






Mill Lane, Weston Under Lizard



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Staffordshire County Council being the highway authority responsible for the repair and maintenance of Mill Lane in Weston Under Lizard are satisfied that it is necessary to prohibit any vehicle from proceeding along that length of Mill Lane from the county border to the junction with the A5 Watling Street and to prohibit any vehicle turning right from Mill Lane onto the A5 Watling Street for a period of 1 day but no more than 5 days from 1st September 2024.


Access will be available for pedestrians and for vehicles being used in connection with the works (and for emergency services vehicles or for vehicles requiring access to properties on the length of road which is closed).




For more information go to https://one.network/?tm=138134232


John Tradewell Director of Corporate Services …

10th June 2024

Tel: 0300 111 8000




Volunteers required for a team to combat Speeding along the A5 through Weston under Lizard.

As other areas in Staffordshire have had voluntary teams manning mobile speed Cameras, the Parish Council want to see if there are enough volunteers to introduce and maintain a speed action group for the A5 through Weston under Lizard. The Parish Council would arrange for training and equipment in conjunction with the Police and appropriate stake holders. Please email the Parish Clerk if you would be interested in joining this team on phil.delaloye@googlemail.com  so that the Parish Council can see whether this can be a viable project.