A5 Road Changes and Traffic Works in March

The Parish Council has received from Mark Sutton our Staffordshire County Councillor, an update on the proposed A5 speed restrictions being lowered from 40mph through Weston under Lizard to 30mph that it has been lobbying for. The traffic order is now law but he is waiting to find when the work is to be done.

Also We have been notified by The Weston Park Foundation and Balfours, their managing land agents, that they are to start a program of rebuilding parts of the A5 perimeter wall that have had to be taken down for safety reasons and an area damaged as a result of a car crash in late March of last year. This program of works will take a period of time which they envisage may run through the summer for the major areas. The work has been delayed due to the pandemic that has had an enormous impact on the organisation and team with many people being furloughed for long periods of time. That has meant they have had to look at how they prioritise their limited resources and why work hasn’t been done to date. They will try and mitigate as best they can the impact.


The first area they will tackle is at the Weston end of the village, passed the row of cottages on the upper bank and will start this coming Tuesday 9th of March.  Traffic lights will be in place from early on Tuesday until Friday 19th March.  The traffic lights will then be put back up again on Tuesday 6th April until Tuesday 20th April.


Work on the section of the wall (eastern end) that was damaged by the car will start soon after the section at the Weston end of the village has been re-built.  I will let you know when they have confirmed dates for this section.